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Intellectual Property Rights and Terms of Use

All assets on this site are copyrighted, cannot be used without permission, unless otherwise stated in Creative Commons (CC) licenses. Regardless of whether the unauthorized use is a mistake, negligence, and/or intentional; all kinds of legal, administrative, and financial responsibilities arising from uses of these assets without permission belong to the person who uses these assets, even if there is no damage from such use. The person accepts and guarantees that he/she will repay the loss, damage and moral rights of the University and the donor, including the compensation of loss, damage and moral rights of third parties affected due to this responsibility.

Resources Belonging to Third-Party, Institutions and Organizations

We would like to express our gratitude to the individuals and organizations who contributed to the formation of this collection by sharing the assets of METU from their own collection with us. The conditions for accessing and using these assets were determined by the contributors and were specified in the "Lisans/License" field within the bibliographic information. For more extensive use of these materials, whose intellectual property rights belong to the source person or organization, it is required to contact the main source reported in the "Arşiv/Repository" field within the bibliographic information.


In case of use of assets from ODTÜ BELLEK, reference to METU Digital Visual Collection ODTÜ BELLEK is required. The citation should include the expression " METU Digital Visual Collection, ODTÜ BELLEK ", as well as the collection name, collection ID number and the url address of the asset.