METU Library Digital Collection

Contribute to The Collection

Audio-visual materials (video, photo, sound recording, etc.) donated to the Library are accepted within the scope of collection development policy.

The Library's collection development policy is determined in line with the University's education, training, research areas and cultural needs. Whether the donated audio-visual materials are in accordance with the principles of collection development policy is decided by the Library where necessary, through consultation with the relevant experts.

The Library has the responsibility and authority to decide whether or not to include the donated materials in the collection. Those who donate audiovisual materials to the library are required to complete the “Donation Form.” Donated materials may be returned to the donor after the evaluation. Materials opened to access are licensed with The Creative Commons licenses. The Donors can assign the licenses. The audiovisual materials, which are determined to be suitable for the library collection, are added to the collection after the technical procedures are made,

Criteria for the selection of audiovisual materials to be donated:

  • The audio-visual materials is not available in the library collection,
  • The audio-visual materials is compatible with the collection in terms of size and resolution,
  • Support the education, research, cultural and artistic activities of the university.

In order to donate materials to the Library, you can call the phone numbers given below or fill in the form below and send it by e-mail.

E-mail: bellek@metu.edu.tr

Phone: +90 312 210 36 19