METU Library Digital Collection

About us

ODTÜ Bellek Project has started in 2018 in cooperation with METU Library, METU Audio-visual Systems Research and Application Centre (GISAM), METU Computer Center and METU Corporate Communications Office to gather the institutional memory of METU on the digital platform.

This study aims to bring to gather and compile all kinds of information, audio-visual materials and documents concerning the METU, which have witnessed the development since its establishment.

For this purpose, the digitized archive of the GİSAM were transferred to the Media Archive System. Then communication was established with METU units, institutions and individuals that could hold visual archives such as Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye Directorate of Communication, the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of National Defence, General Staff Photo Film Center, and TRT. Their positive response and sharing their audio-visual resources related to METU enriched ODTÜ Bellek. And also Dr. Aydın Tiryaki, Doğan Photography and Abdurrahman Eke donated their own collections. We would like to thank them for these valuable contributions.

ODTÜ Bellek project is carried out by the METU Library, Open Access and Institutional Archive Department with the contributions of the GİSAM Team.